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Who We Are

We are IT people. We are professionals with 15+ years of industry experience in the area of Information Technology. We design and develop customised ERP application as per business requirement to suit your business needs. Our application is user friendly with industry standards and best practices.

Our software runs on lean hardware, without compromising on processing speed or performance.

Our Team

  • Team GMDD. V. Kamath [Head - Marketing] Partner and co-founder he is whole time head for complete marketing efforts. He is involved in building customer focus organisation with high level of customer acquisition, retention and delight. He has got vast experience across various domains.
  • Team GMDM. A. Bastawalla [Head - Operations]Partner and co-founder has around 15+ years in IT operations and management. He takes care of business process, technology & infrastructure.
  • Team GMDG. S. Kulkarni [Head - Technology]Partner and co-founder is technology expert in software development. His area of focus is Application & Database design and architecture.
  • September, 2012Founded GMD for providing customised ERP solutions to cater various domains and it's verticals.
  • October, 2012GMD becomes member of IBG to provide solutions National and International industries.
  • November, 2012GMD provides ERP solution to healthcare industries. Solution given to Mumbai based critical care hospital.
  • December, 2012GMD provides Web solution to Real Estate industry. Solution given to UAE region
  • March, 2013GMD provides ERP solutions to South Africa region.